The Alpha House of Springfield Missouri

Providing the structure, accountability, and programs to make a positive adjustment.


Circa 1929 - The original Springfield Airport
Building before Alpha House purchase in 1977

The mission of Alpha House is to provide previously incarcerated men and women with the structure, accountability and programs that are needed to make a positive adjustment in the community as productive and law-abiding citizens. The success of this program is teaching residents that they are responsible for themselves. They are taught to accept the rewards for their positive decisions as well as the consequences of any negative behavior. They are instilled with the belief that they have the power to choose the type of life they will be living.

The Alpha House of Springfield has a rich history in the community. Established more than 50 years ago it has been a backdrop to thousands of men and women making the successful transition from incarceration back into the local community.

Alpha House purchased the current building in 1977. It has been fully remodeled and expanded to provide residents with a clean and modern atmosphere.

The building has a fitting history, initially being built in 1929 as part of the local airport, training pilots and welcoming travelers from all over the country to a new start in Springfield Missouri. Today, The Alpha House continues to welcome and train a different type of traveler but still provides them with an opportunity for an exciting new beginning.

The facility is approved to house 60 male and female residents with up to an additional 40 residents on home confinement status within a 120-mile radius of Springfield Missouri.