Alpha House is an industry-leading Residential Reentry Center for Federal offenders. The program, serving those released to the Southwest Missouri area, provides residents with a new beginning for their lives with programming, support, counseling and training to truly start again.


At Alpha House we offer services to include transitional housing, drug and alcohol counseling, job-seeking direction, short and long term goals, and residential planning.

Basic Necessities | Counseling | Individual Treatment

Employment Assistance
Resume’ Writing
Case Management
Substance Abuse Counseling
Mental Health Counseling
Family Counseling
Housing Assistance
Life Skills
Financial Classes
Home Confinement
Program Planning
Computer Training



Alpha House mandates zero tolerance for all forms of sexual abuse, sexual misconduct and sexual harassment in its facility to ensure a safe, humane and appropriately secure environment for all residents.



The Alpha House program is based on developing a sense of "Self Responsibility" and designed to provide structure in a safe atmosphere allowing residents to make a positive adjustment into the community. Download the guide for details of the program structure, fees and expectations.


Meet the Staff

Our team consisting of case managers, an employment coordinator, counselor and security staff at Alpha House is here to assist each resident in achieving their goals in a positive, successful and productive way.

The Executive Director, Sue Marshall, is responsible for the operation of the Alpha House program and the primary instructive staff includes full-time case managers who are responsible for implementing individualized programming.



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